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“Lockdown might not affect Tech Industry that much” – Vivek Sharma

“Lockdown might not affect Tech Industry that much” – Vivek Sharma

Lockdown amidst the Covid – 19 pandemic, has driven most of us to the edge of sanity. Outgoing and fun-loving middle class people are finding it hard to deal with such situation. However, the case is not similar to tech loving geeks who, by any means, are always looking forward to invent new horizons of their technological affinity.

Vivek Sharma, who works for IBM, have had very similar and positive outlook towards the Lockdown situation. He took it as an opportunity to spend quality time with his Family. And rest of the time is spent in learning new updates of technology. Born and brought up in Ghatshila, Jharkhand, and currently residing in Kolkata, 35 years old Vivek emphasized in a short quirky chit-chat that tech industry might be an endurer of this lockdown phase.

Here is more of the chit-chat:

1. Hi Vivek! Welcome aboard! How's the Lockdown treating you?

These days we are working remotely for our clients and also simultaneously involved myself in household work with my family. I have started working on my hobbies which I was otherwise not getting time for.

2. What kind of obstacles, in your opinion, the Tech Industry might face during and post Covid - 19 crisis?

The tech industry especially the IT consulting sectors have had feeble short term impact due to Covid-19.I have been working every day for my project except my week offs. Also i was going through an article from one of the giants IT company head stating that there productivity have risen these days as because employees have now more time to devote for thei rwork. But this is also a matter of fact that IT sector will also be impacted in near future if COVID 19 is not taken care of.

3. What is your opinion about the future of blockchain in Business World?

Blockchain is a very healthy initiatives taken by the governing body in any organizations which makes the cryptocurrency value same for everybody in this world example BITCOINS. However the implementation of Blockchain in any industry is not very easy or rather it is very difficult. Also, blockchain is not suitable for every industry like Pharmaceutical, Telecom industry, e-commerce etc. I worked in a stream where we see how data migration, data retrieval from one country to another or sometime even in the same country becomes very difficult although we have surpassed many difficulties of data extraction, transformation and load through modern tools. however, till now there is no full proof way of automation.

4. Which mobile feature, you think, needs improvement and transparency?

ince we are using internet frequently during these days and this will act like our weapons in near future.i think we should implement card payment facilities in all phones like Samsung pay and this should be linked with fingers print, OTP or any other 3rd party verification. Also, I like the pop up camera features and on screen inbuilt finger print sensor feature in cameras which will give you full screen display capability rather implementing curve display, foldable display

5. Do you think AI will treat the planet better?

I think in some extent AI is fine but NOT for all cases. For example in my sector automation or AI work is fine for data extraction BUT not for report designing as we need customization every time. Also, as we can see AI is not successful in AI Cars or transportation. Human and earth is volatile in nature and we need customization or changesevery time which AI can't give us

6. Our readers will be excited to know more about your most favourite gadget, its features and the reason for its being your favourite.

Ever since I was a child I always admire watching people playing XBOX games and always wondered when can I have one. Around 5 years back I brought my own XBOX set from Canada but till last month (March 2020) i did not get time to play my own XBOX games, needless to say that I was occupied with my own office work !!! But few days back I got a chance to play the game in my XBOX set. Since this a Microsoft product you will get inbuilt SKYPE app with it and that will give you video conferencing with your friends feature in your TV.

7. Please tell us about your most interesting rendezvous with Tech.

Most interesting rendezvous with Tech I would recommend for One touch payment enabled in our phones like phonepe, paytm, Gpay as It would also encourage digitalisation. It has N number of benefits like zero touch payment in this COVID 19 pandemic situation, It encourages poor people ( Tea stall, Vegetable vendors etc) to create an bank account so that they can receive money by epayment, Customers can transfer money through mobile number without going through the headtic process of adding internet bank formalities, Phonepe is one such technologies which is helpful to the grass root level, This is one such technology which I use one an everyday basis, etc. Although, we have very interesting features like curve screen or foldable mobile phone but I think these features will not create any changes in our daily life.

8. Thanks for being with us, Vivek! One last question! Actually, consider it a Kid's curiosity and please tell us that, if Flying Cars are not a myth then how far are we from them?

As per me I think in another 2 decade we might have fly cars in our country. My say is backed by the space effort of Tesla.

Thanks for being with us, Vivek! All the best for future!
Disclaimer: The views mentioned in the article are personal opinion of Vivek Sharma and do not reflect the views of any organization.

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