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5 reasons why start ups fail?

5 reasons why start ups fail?


In today’s times, many new company’s and startup firms are coming up in the market. But many startups are non-funded startups and they try to gain profit from the market without investing and this where startups fail. Also, there are some most common issues prevailing in the market for startups to fail are their weak management strategy, because weak management makes different types of mistakes in various fields. They are weak in planning, providing goods and services that the customers do not want to buy because of their less innovative ideas which they planned during the development stage. Five basic reasons why a startup fails is today’s concern of discussion.

Reason 1: Market Problems

A very common reason why companies fail is that they run what a very little or no product recognition in the market that they are providing. Some of the common reasons are: There is not enough captivating value for their concepts or theory, or any type of captivating events so that the buyers can eventually get attracted to their products. Good sales techniques can make you understand how many orders you are willing to get in this tough condition. You have to be a good listener also to hear from your customers that the product is a “nice to have” or a “must-have” product.

Sometimes the market timing is wrong for your startup. It could be a great idea for starting a new business after sometimes but not at this particular time because markets are very low nowadays. And if you have already started with your business be sure you have enough funds to tackle this worst market situation.

Reason 2: Failure of Business Model

The very basic thing of any startup is the model or the structure upon which they will be working or will maintain the workflow of the business. Today’s entrepreneurs are more focused on website designing, products, and services and due to this reason; they get very few customers and loss their permanent customers. You have to create a customer base that will pay you for the rest of your life. But still, many entrepreneurs fail to map out the real cost of customers which is the main asset. There should be an Essence in your Business Model so that customers get easily attracted and also try to maintain a cost-effective rule that is Cost of Acquiring/Getting a Customer (CAC).

Reason 3: Poor Management Team

So, an incredible reason for the startups to fail is their poor management teams. The best management team will be very smart and will try to avoid reasons 2, 4, and 5. There are some of the major areas where weak management teams make mistakes: ● Weak management teams have a very weak management strategy and they also try to focus on products that nobody wants and do not try to validate their ideas before or at the time of the development process. They carry with them some very odd and poor style of marketing that is visiting the marketing strategies.
● The execution power is very low and for this very reason our products are not developed fully and are not on time, and also the visiting marketing does not get executed.


● Poor management teams will hire weak employees under them and the company will end up weakly, and poor implementation will always be at its verge.

Reason 4: Running Out of Cash

The fourth most important reason that startups face is that they always have a shortage of cash. The most vital role of a CEO is that to estimate that how much cash is left and whether it will take your company to achieve milestones so that the company can get successful finance and cash starts to inflow. For this reason, you have to make a good plan to touch that milestone and raise cash for your company. And to achieve a milestone the CEO of the company should know when to press the accelerator paddle and start maximizing the profits for the company.

Reason 5: Product-related Problems

Now there another reason why companies fail because they didn’t come up with the products that will meet the customer needs or demand. This is caused because of a simple implementation of plans. Else, it can be a strategic problem of Product/Market fit. The first product that the startup’s launch doesn’t meet the requirements of the market. For this reason, a complete survey and execution of new development plans are required. These things happen because of a weak management team and improper validation of ideas before and during development.


These are some of the important reasons why startups fail in various sectors. So, if you are an entrepreneur make sure to focus on these reasons because if these reasons are solved you can run your business smoothly.

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