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Dalgona in Corona

Dalgona in Corona

I woke up to a different morning, Where the buzz was; a new virus was spawning.

" You can work from Home" Boss muttered, Notion of living with loved ones, left me flustered.

I had heard that you cannot wash your hands off your responsibility, Now responsibility is to wash your hands or get added to National Casualty.

Birds perching at my balcony had found their voice, The doomed vehicles no longer sputtered noise.

News anchors have been relentlessly adding to blood pressure, While the man coughing in your caller tune, reminds you that life is no longer a leisure

Reports say that the world is sealed, I am sitting with crossed legs, I know Delhi has its SHIELD.

Ever pondered about those trembling fingers groping for food, What can I do, our life is already skewed.

They said Shelter homes have caught fire, Well the maid has not been coming, situation at our home is equally dire.

Medical staff is staking their lives, We applaud and stab them with knives.

Isn't social media celebrating them as Gladiators, If they happen to live in same space with us, then we oust them as Traitors.

Nights are no longer about sleep, It's a story about Netflix and Amazon prime shows & it's a clean sweep.

Gone are the times when you would watch a season in few days, Now you complete it in 7 hours and "which one to watch next" is the thought that stays.

Attending Zoom meetings is the new form of attendance, And as they proclaim, it's your new life sentence.

Suddenly everyone has a flashback and it can be seen uploaded on Instagram, I am searching for my own and all I find is a spam.

Economy has slumped and Tiktok promises to raise finance, Individuals bunk online classes and make videos of eerie romance.

Who cares that Reports claim that child abuse went through the roof, We were busy watching Marathon news spoof.

Now to some their workplace would seem like a destination vacation, And trust me none of them have ever reported hallucination.

Even pushing for a seat in a metro seems mesmerising, Thought that lockdown might get extended, seems terrorising.

Work from Home is the new norm, Search for internet signals and be ready to perform

dalgona in corona

Oh ! I forgot to state about the security threat when you work online, They are all rumours and did I mention this account is not mine.

Earlier I used to track stocks, now I track fatalities, The Worldometer is on, I am just ensuring their nationalities

Home delivery system is no longer working, Local vegetable vendor sells it as cheap as an I-pad, who says they are shirking.

Videos are going viral that the world is coming to an end, Should we prepare for exams or continue watching Friends.

We have endured this pandemic with Saree challenge and Dalgona coffee, Remembering symptoms of Corona is my new found hobby.

Suddenly everyone is a scientist and have developed a vaccine in their junkyard, Finding our formula for other research labs is too hard.

Who cares about unkept and flowing hair, Modern man would soon come out of their caves looking like a grizzly bear.

Even calendars can't rescue you anymore, Is it Monday today or was it day before.

You stand on your terrace gazing at vehicles honking by, Who gave them a pass, as you let out a long sigh.

Man is considerate and even a lion has a virus now, Aren't we all connected, now don't ask me how.

Before you venture out from your house think twice, Embrace laathis or save lives, is solely your choice"

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