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Tips to avoid Covid-19 infection during Grocery Shopping

Tips to avoid Covid-19 infection during Grocery Shopping

Novel coronavirus is that invisible enemy which is lurking around the surrounding waiting to pounce upon you as soon as you set your foot outside your home. In such circumstances, it is quite natural to be afraid of Covid-19 infection during Grocery Shopping, since a lot of people come in the contact of grocery items at the general Stores. According to World Health Organization, the novel coronavirus enters your body when you touch your eyes, nose or mouth after touching any infected surface. Since, Grocery Stores are infection prone area, proper usage of mask and social distancing is absolute necessity.

Prefer to carry your purchased Grocery items in disposable carry bags. If you use cloth or jute bags, ensure to wash them with soap and water after every use. Wash and dry fruits and vegetables properly, before storing them in the fridge. Put all your purchased grocery items in the outer space of your house for at least 72 hours.


tips while grocery shoping in lockdown


Do’s and Don’ts of Grocery shopping amidst Covid-19 Infection:

  • Prioritize the list of necessary Grocery items and purchase only the extremely essential ones. Remember, these are the times of survival, not luxury.
  • Opt for Home Delivery as far as possible.
  • Do not hustle, in case you need to visit the store. Maintain the space.
  • Only touch those items which you intend to buy. Do not go on a pick and check spree.

And last but not the least – Stay Safe and maintain social distancing. It is not only about you but also about everyone you love and care for.

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