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Hey Bartender! NO More SHOTS Please!

Hey Bartender! NO More SHOTS Please!

And here, the sassy ladies are back! At least, that is how this Amazon Prime Series named “Four More Shots Please!” has been marketed. However, I didn’t feel they were back!
But wait! Yes, they were back… Back to where they started. I don’t know whether real life gigs experience so much De javu! But hey! Our girls are smart, ain’t they? At least this is what the cast and crew of “Four More Shots Please!” is telling us. But then, is it normal for smart girls to repeat their mistakes over and over again? Wait, let us not delve deep into the script, and talk about other beauties of this show.

Location! Man location! Neha Parti Matiyani, Tushar Kanti Ray and Kedar P. Gaekwad certainly know how to sweep the audience off their heels with excellent cinematography set in exotic locations! The perfectly timed frames catch exactly what is required for the scene. Right from Istanbul to Udaipur, the picturesque scenes just make it more beautiful.

Acting! The girls seemingly become one with their characters. Be it Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Gurbani or Manvi, the actresses have given their best. It is probably because of their acting that their unhappening mistakes seem so real. So is with Milind Soman, Neel Bhoopalam, Simone Singh and other characters. However, in some scenes, Prateik Babbar fails to make it up to the mark. Hey, but that is ok for the Boy! At least, in Milind Soman’s aka the Hot Doctor Aamir Warsi aka Hot Doc’s words!

Script! Somebody whispered in Devika Bhagat's and Ishita Moitra’s ears that no matter how intelligent, smart and successful women are, they basically happen to be nymphomaniacs looking for solace in sleeping with every other guy they meet. At least this is what three of the girls happen to be doing in the show. I literally do not understand the logical reasoning behind portraying men way too emotional and ready to commit, and women on the contrary, confused about their love life.

Apart from the script, everything else is just fantabulous about “Four More Shots, Please!” And I do not feel guilty to say that I am actually looking forward to the next season only if the producers decide to showcase the real problems of smart women. Just like that misogynist sequence with Anjana, where I had started to think that the scriptwriters had actually put their brains in it and not something else… Eww, you thought it right!
But, if the script of the next season, once again runs around the confused nymphomania of the girls, I’d rather say – “Hey Bartender! No More Shots Please!”
Amazon Prime Original Series Four More Shots Please! Season 2 is streaming now


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