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How Chris Pratt Landed The Role Of Star-Lord?

How Chris Pratt Landed The Role Of Star-Lord?
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Marvel Cinematic Universe has directed many superhero movies and introduced many heroic characters that people still follow. But there are many movies which stand out from among the rest and such is James Gunn's Guardian of the Galaxy. This movie featured many star casts, including Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Pratt.

Every cast fits perfectly in the role played by them as if they were made for the purpose. Chris Pratt, who played the role of Star-Lord, was perfect with the mixture of adequate humor and action. But there are some facts which you may not know about Chris Pratt and how he landed the iconic role.


Chris Pratt was not keen on performing the role of Peter Quill, i.e., Star-Lord. Moreover, he wasn't ready to audition for Marvel Studios, which prolonged the process of casting. Sarah Finn had to convince him to audition for the role as she was sure that he would be perfect for the purpose. Director James Gunn wasn't accepting the idea. But Sarah Finn got her way and persuaded him to get to audition Chris Pratt. Once the director saw the actor's potential, he, too, was convinced that he would fit perfectly in the role. So all the credit of casting Chris Pratt goes to the casting director Sarah Finn as she was the first who could see the actor and his talent.

When asked about the most challenging casting decisions, Sarah Finn said that they were all challenging, but she would choose Guardians of The Galaxy and Star-Lord. Then she continued to say how she was insisting James Gunn that Chris Pratt was the guy for the part and finally was able to cast him in a significant role. Chris Pratt recalls his time and mentioned that he didn't want to audition for the role of Peter Quill as he could not picture himself in the role. He was worried about being embarrassed by getting rejected, like when he auditioned for G. I. Joe. Now the actor had also made an appearance in the movie Avengers: Endgame.

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Preparation for the role of star lord:.

Though Chris Pratt grabbed the position after the audition, he struggled quite a bit to be perfect for the purpose. He modified his body to look fit, which was not much of a challenge for him. Chris had previously gained a lot of weight to play his part as Andy in the movie Parks and Recreation and later lost a lot of it for Moneyball. He needed a basketball player's physique.

He also cut beer out of his diet as it built calories and inhibited muscle growth. He left it altogether for eight months. He planned out a proper diet and workout routine. His workout regimen was intense. Losing 60 pounds in six months and keeping it that way is no walk in the park. To get the ass-kicking shape, the actor did heavy workouts such as Heavy Lifts, swimming, mountain biking, cardio, etc. with extra solo exercises. He also did P90X and CrossFit, an intense workout program of many reps and little rest. It helped him burnt down his body fat. All this heavy workout paid off, and he became a common household name after the big success of the movie.


After so much effort, finally, he got the fame he so well deserved. After this series, he became quite popular and was featured in many movies, and the rest is history.

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