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Tips to Manage Stress in the Times of Pandemic

Tips to Manage Stress in the Times of Pandemic

Small epidemics and even pandemics have been happening around the world many times over the last few decades but there is nothing happened like the COVID 19 pandemic for decades. Lockdowns, isolation, job losses, illness, and death due to the virus and global recession in various economies have created an environment of stress, panic, and anxiety. This is going to be a crisis that most likely lasts for months and it is important to manage the stress effectively during the times of pandemic.

Tips to Manage Stress in Times of Pandemic

Maintain a Routine

Due to lockdowns and work from home schedules and even job losses have resulted in the daily routine to be completely ruined. Even if people have been made to sit at home, to manage stress, it is a good idea to maintain a schedule. This means waking up early, having meals at the right time, and doing work from home and household chores. Keeping busy helps avoid thinking about the stress of the pandemic which helps maintain good mental health. Maintaining a sleep schedule is also important to manage stress and build immunity in the coronavirus pandemic.

Maintain Personal Grooming

It is important to not let the stress result in giving up and only thinking about how the world seems to be completely messed up right now. Maintaining personal grooming is an important way of maintaining a normal life away from the stress of the pandemic. Personal grooming includes taking bath daily, wearing freshly laundered clothes and also shaving, washing hair, and other such personal grooming routines. It is impossible to go to salons and barber shops in pandemics but a family member can safely trim each other’s hair to maintain a civil look.

Importance of a Healthy Diet

Stress depends on the food intake as studies have shown that a healthy diet and regular meals have a way of reducing stress levels and also building up immunity in the time of pandemics. Eat fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins and also especially eat food that regulates a healthy metabolism. This will help reduce stress levels. Home-cooked meals are advised in pandemics and cooking is a major stress buster in a pandemic.

Keep Connected to Friends and Family

Pandemics like the coronavirus pandemic result in isolation and lockdowns which means staying away from friends and family to avoid spreading the virus. Staying connected to friends and family almost on a daily or weekly basis is very important to remain stress-free. Video calls, phone calls, and online chats are all ways in which stress can be avoided during pandemics.

Do Not Watch Too Much Pandemic News

News channels are the only fresh content on TV these days as many top shows have gone off air because of the pandemic. All news channels are showing a rise in cases and the spread of the pandemic everyday 24/7. It is important to know the news but watching the news only once or twice a day helps manage stress levels. Continuously watching the news will add to the stress of the pandemic.

Exercise Regularly

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in people all around the world staying at home and exercise levels have reduced considerably. People have become lethargic and stressed out which makes them lazy and tense all the time. Exercising at home helps improve mental health and in places where case count is low, it is a good idea to go out for a walk in less crowded areas to breathe fresh air and maintain normality in life. This pandemic is a new phenomenon and nobody knows when it will come to an end. The vaccine is months away and the cases are rising. It is important to make an effort to reduce stress levels and be as happy as possible in the pandemic.

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