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“Do what your heart says!” – Pulkit Gupta

“Do what your heart says!” – Pulkit Gupta

Author, Publisher, Qualified CS, GST Consultant, a doting son, a caring friend, a considerate Professional…. Adjectives do not seem to end for Pulkit Gupta whose debut book “Life and Promises” had set new records of sale. After the huge maiden success, Pulkit also became a part of bestseller books “Crumpled Voices” and “Moonlit Matinee”

Widely covered by major newspapers, “Life and Promises” continued to top the bestseller’s list even with the Hindi version “Khwahishein..”

pulkit gupta book

Born in Sonepat and brought up in Bijnor, Pulkit did his schooling from St. Mary’s School, Bijnor. He did B.Com and LLB from Rohilkhand University and went on to become a Qualified CS from ICSI. Pulkit had been a bright student since school days. He was a State Level Debate winner, when he was in 12th Class only. Part of a small family, consisting his Advocate Father and SAP consultant Brother settled in US (with wife), Pulkit lost his mother Late Smt. Gargi Gupta at a tender age. With his heart always crying for the Lovelap of his mother, Pulkit decided to enshrine her memories forever and that his when, his publishing house “Gargi Publishers” was conceptualized which takes after his mother’s name. This publishing house is his tribute to his mother. “My mother gives me the strength to endure all the ups and downs of life. I know, wherever she is, she bestows her blessings on me.” – says Pulkit.

pulkit gupta book

While the world is on halt during the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, (except the Corona Warriors and the Essential Services Provider), Pulkit is making the most of it learning new skills and spreading positive vibes. Here is our exclusive interview with him:

1. It has been a long time, Pulkit. Don't you think your readers miss you?
Ans. 5 long years...time passed so fast. Isn’t it?
First of all, thanks a lot Sneha for this chitchat. It’s been a long time since I have been associated with literary world in any capacity so this interview came as a surprise. Frankly speaking after contributing in Crumpled Voices-1, I got busy with my publishing house. I was new to the business and was learning things every day. So, it became impossible for me to continue writing along with publishing and I had to choose later as I was holding a responsible position there. But yes, I miss my readers more than they miss me.

2. Writing is said to be an addiction. Shall we assume that you actually never stopped writing, but decided to keep them to yourself?
Ans. I have been writing few articles here and there for CAclubindia. In addition to that, I had written few poems which I had posted on Facebook. I am also working on my next novel and an anthology together. So basically I never stopped writing but couldn’t get enough time to publish it.

3. How are you dealing with all the pros and cons of Lockdown?
Ans. Lockdown is the only solution to minimize the impact of Covid-19 and stopping it from spreading. So, we have to accept it whether we like it or not. What I feel is it was good for us in few ways. We have been living a robotic life for years. This has given us a necessary break to stop, sit and introspect where were we heading to. I have got a good amount of time to spend with my family which was impossible during my normal schedule. I am reading inspirational books, listening to good music and binge watching web series. So, it was a welcome break for me.
Now coming to cons, I have been missing my maid like anything. But due to lockdown I tried my hands at cooking and even learned few dishes with the help of YouTube. Other problem is financial instability. My earnings have got affected but all my expenses are there as it is. In fact I need to pay my staff irrespective of the fact whether I am earning anything or not. So this part is a bit tricky but somehow I am managing it with the help of my past savings.

pulkit gupta book

4. What is your perspective on "the planet restoring itself during lockdown?"
Ans. I completely agree on this point. The best thing about lockdown is the improved quality of air and overall environment which was affected due to vehicle pollution and factories. We can hear chirping of birds during afternoon and can also spot few animals like deer and elephants on the road. Even the weather is much cooler in April end in comparison to previous years. Though it is impossible to reverse the damage done by in years with the lockdown of few months but still there is hope that planet will gradually restore itself.

5. The current scenario has affected all of us in one way or another. Please share some unforgettable experiences with us.
Ans. I had a different image of Indian Police before this lockdown but now it has completely changed. They are working day and night just to save us without even thinking about their families and their own life. They have been abused and attacked by few anti-social elements, but still they have been patient. This thing had a huge impact on me and has inspired me to be a better person. We need to put the interests of others before thinking about us.

6. Thanks for being with us, Pulkit. Our readers would love to get some Life Tips from the author of "Life and Promises." Please oblige.
Ans. I will just share what I have followed in my life i.e. do whatever your heart says. You are not here to impress anyone but to express yourself. You may fail sometimes but it should not stop you from experimenting. Take risks, enjoy life and love others as life is too short to hate anyone. Thanks a lot Sneha for having me.

pulkit gupta book

Thanks for being with us, Pulkit!
You can grab the books by Pulkit, here
Life and Promises
Moonlit Matinee
Crumpled Voices

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