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The two words that form the very core of existence! The words that sum up every little action, every thought and every feeling that can ever be imagined. The words we use frequently yet are never able to perceive completely. The words which are understood by every living creature, yet all have their own unclear definitions.
For me, life is all about spreading love...and love is all about finding a reason to live. Both are the wheels that need proper balancing to take you though the journey along the years spent on earth.
While most people define love as the intricate emotion, that gives goosebumps, the feeling that makes one exhilarated, send butterflies in the stomach and like the movies, the person is in an altogether different world, the world of joyful ecstasy; for me, love is a little more than that. It is the feeling of being connected, the joy of sharing, the sense of responsibility and the pleasure derived in caring. Love is not what happens once or twice; but with many people and at many times. Love is not just what is between the lovers, but also between friends and well wishers. It is something that makes you feel good about yourself and makes your life happier
Life, as I see it, is like a journey on an unseen unexplored road. The road, which itself is full of surprises. We meet many people in this eventful journey, some just touch and leave, while others stay to accompany for longer durations. Life is full of beautiful moments, and just like various patches on road..The life too has rough patches, moments where we cannot see any destination, moments where we are faced with crossroads and have to choose between the paths. With each path, there is a risk of losing some old people, yet a hope of meeting newer acquaintances, facing newer challenges and moving on.. Life always moves on...at times straight and clear, at times blur and misty.. But there is a charm in every step we take, every day we live.. Our duty lies only in finding the inner peace, through the people we meet, the love we feel and the life we live. Happiness and contentment shall follow.

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