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On 20thapril that year –“The second oldest Test debutant in Cricket”

On 20thapril that year –“The second oldest Test debutant in Cricket”

An off-spinner, Mirren Baksh (also spelled Bucks) was born on April 20, 1907. He started his first-class career at the age of 42, but Baksh worked with influential figures and played 2 Pakistani Tests. Abhishek Mukherjee is looking forward to the future of the second oldest Test debutant and the sixth oldest person to play Test cricket.

This is a period of 137 years, but two world records still remain in the first Test: Charles Bannerman, the man on the first ball, scored, and the first century in Test cricket, retiring on 165 of the total. 245 sides, scoring 67.3 percent of the total. The record is still pending.

On the other hand, James Sotherton made his debut in Test cricket at the age of 49 - 119 days - a mark that is unlikely to break in a period where cricket needs top-class fitness. Malik MeeranBaksh (also spelled Bucks), the man who came closest to him, played his first Test in 284 days in 47 years. The second name still remains on the list.

He played just 15 first-class matches in a nine-season-long career. He was also doing an outstanding job, finishing 19.43 and 3 five-finishes with 48 wickets (one note that he was 20 days shy of his 43rd birthday when he made his first class debut). His 2 tests gave him 2 wickets at a speed of 57.50 apj (though it is commendable that he sent 58 overs at that age).

Raised in Rawalpindi after partition, spared India. He was chosen to be the eleventh commander-in-chief of the North-West Frontier Province against the West Indians arriving in Rawalpindi: while the hosts lost by an innings ended the ensemble consisting of George Kerev, George Headley,Walcott, John Goddard and Robert Christie.

As the Commonwealth XI visited the subcontinent the following winter, Baksh routed them with a figure of 5 for 19 at Rawalpindi for 81; After the hosts had a lead of 80 runs, Baksh bowled brilliantly and took 5 wickets for 63 runs. Unfortunately none of these matches got first-class status. The coveted first class eventually began in Ceylon in Rawalpindi for the Commander-in-Chief XI. For 100, Mohammed Nisar and Maqsood Ahmad bowled Ceylon; For 8 runs, Baksh sent 7 wicket-less overs and was abandoned for 5 seasons. He played a non-first class match for Northern Muslims against Karachi and Sindh Muslims, but again wicketkeeping.

Later that season, Bakhsh performed a Struggle tour of New Zealand in Peshawar. Viewers won by seven wickets but Baksh threw a marathon sequence of 59-28-89-3. He helped run the East Pakistan Greens the following season with 52 (3 for 18) and 142 (35 for 2) and 33 for East Pakistan's Whites (with a best 6 career for 15). The following season he was celebrating his 50th birthday, but that did not stop him from taking 5-81-81 for Punjab B against Rawalpindi Railway. This was followed by the Quad-A-Azam trophy encounter against United Services: with figures of 28.1-11-41-4 and 25.2-12-31-5, Baksh gave them 141 and 103 runs. He was 51 then.

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