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The Fame Saga of Enrique Iglesias – Birthday Special

The Fame Saga of Enrique Iglesias – Birthday Special
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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler aka Enrique Iglesias is celebrating his 45th Birthday today. It is needless to mention that the heart-throb of more than half the planet, Iglesias is regarded as the King of Latin Pop. More than 150 of his songs made it to number one across all of the Billboard Charts. And when it came to dance, Enrique Iglesias has 14 number-one songs on Billboard’s Dance Charts.

It wasn’t an easy journey for the King of Latin Pop to make it to the charts. Enrique Iglesias has worked his blood out to win the hearts of his fans. When it came to songs, he is always one step ahead his times. The success of his signature song “Hero” or “Do you know” wasn’t just about the lyrics, but the depth of emotions which echoed in his voice. Years after years, Enrique Iglesias devotedly managed his tour schedules to perform in front of more than ten million fans till date. His fans are religiously loyal to him. And Enrique Iglesias is equally grateful to his fans, owing all his success to them. Not only this, Enrique also worked hard to ensure the reach of his music to unexplored territories. So much so, that the success of “Despacito” is owed to Enrique’s efforts in establishing music to new places.



As if his voice wasn’t enough, his sinfully handsome looks manage to sweep girls off their feet. There is rumour, a heresy, an unverified statement that half a dozen ambulances remain on stand-by at each of his concerts, since his female fans tend to faint at his very first look. Perhaps, that is why Anna Kournikova (his partner) happens to be one of the most envied women on the planet. Whatever, Enrique Iglesias rules the hearts and it is true!

Happy Birthday Enrique, We Love You!

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